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Technical Writing

Occasionally, a writing project can bog down an organization. Because these projects come along from time to time, you may not have the in-house resources to produce a thorough, accurate and professional result. Digital Arts offers years of experience in technical writing. Our team can help you produce:

Product Documentation

Consumers demand easy-to-use instructions.  Effective instructions can increase customer satisfaction, improve  the retention rate of existing customers, and reduce the overall cost of support. Opportunities include:
  • User's manuals
  • Instruction sheets
  • Assembly directions
  • Support information
  • Sales media

Employee Training and Documentation

Employee training helps improve morale, retention and productivity. Effective training requires materials that are readable, complete and relevant to the role of the employee. Consider how documentation can help meet the following needs:
  • Sales and Customer Service training
  • New systems, processes or equipment
  • Process and procedure documentation
  • Providing employees up-to-the minute updates on changes to your business
  • Computer system and technical support
  • Management and Leadership training and support

Human Resources

Employees seek Human Resources information more frequently than any other type of job-related information.  They want to understand their benefits and need to know what is expected of them. Comprehensive, informative HR information encourages high morale and devoted service to your firm.
  • Employment opportunities
  • Employee benefits handbooks
  • Company HR policies
  • Job descriptions, career paths and salary scales.
  • Supplemental employee benefit programs, including programs done in association with other firms.
Getting started - some questions to ask:
  • Do you have a specific method regarding your communication to vendors, employees and customers, or does this happen on an informal basis?
  • Would you like to improve customer satisfaction and reduce support expenses by providing superior customer information?
  • How often do you update information for your employees? Who is in charge of this process?
  • Contact us for a free evaluation.