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How effective is your current Web site? Does it strongly communicate your company's distinctive benefits? Can potential customers find you easily on the Internet? At Digital Arts, each new client project is an opportunity and a challenge. Working with your existing business model, we strive to enhance your results using the technology of the Web.

The process begins with an evaluation of your goals and needs. We take careful note of many factors: your stage in the business lifecycle; the identity you want to present, especially as it relates to your marketing plans; your existing means of communication; the competitive outlook; previously unexplored opportunities; and the resources you want to commit to the project.

Site Design

Revitalize your corporate image

The appearance of your Web site either helps or hinders your marketing efforts. Since its visual elements are a direct reflection of your company, visitors quickly draw conclusions about who you are and what you can do for them based on the appearance of your Web site.

If this is your first Web site, you will soon have a cost-effective way to reach new and existing customers. Digital Arts can help identify your strongest opportunities on the Web, and build a site that capitalizes on them.

If you already have a site, a site facelift may reinvigorate your Web presence, increase the benefit of your other marketing efforts, and boost your business results. We can also help you develop the fresh, compelling content that visitors look for - and make sure that they find it on your site.

Getting started - some questions to ask:
  • Does your Web site currently present your company in the best possible way?
  • Does the look of your site match your other marketing tools: your printed materials, advertising, and other communications?
  • Have your business needs changed since you launched your site?
  • Contact us for a free evaluation.

Search Engine Optimization

Low cost, high impact marketing

An effective Search Engine strategy helps you reach new customers and better serve existing ones. To improve the benefits of your Web site, it needs to be seen more often, by more of your target market.

At Digital Arts, we start this process by learning about your target market. We ask how and where customers are likely to find you on the Web. This first step is essential to your marketing efforts, because the vast majority of visitors will find your site through a keyword search on a Search Engine.

Since Search Engine optimization helps improve your ranking in the searches relevant to your business, your target customers stand a much better chance of easily finding your site.

Once visitors find you, up-to-date content and effective site design present your business convincingly. When all of these elements are in place, the satisfaction of existing customers increases and your business is well-positioned to win over new ones.

Getting started - some questions to ask:
  • Using well-known search sites, can prospective customers easily find your existing site?
  • Do you want to...
    • Communicate better with new or existing customers?
    • Sell directly over the Web?
    • Generate leads for new customers?
    • Improve service for existing customers?
  • Contact us for a free evaluation.

Site Maintenance

Give visitors reasons to come back

Content drives the Web. Visitors look for current and complete information, so an out-of-date site may quickly drive them to your competitors. Maximize your Web site investment by offering your visitors the timely information they need and want.

Depending on your needs, Digital Arts may recommend one of two approaches:

As a first-stage solution, make sure your site is updated at least once a month.
  • With our Monthly or Bi-monthly maintenance plan, your company collects updated information and forwards it to Digital Arts.
  • On a set day of the update month, the changes will be implemented for a modest monthly fee.
  • There is no need to worry about unexpected maintenance costs, since the price is determined in advance.
As your site traffic builds, you may want to update your site more frequently:
  • When you are ready for more frequent updates to your site, Digital Arts can make updates according to a schedule or on an as-needed basis.
  • If desired, we can revise the site content using content supplied by you, or we can help create original content for you.
Getting started - some questions to ask:
  • How often do you communicate with the outside world through ads, press releases, or other public announcements?
  • Do you have a regular schedule of events or sales that you would like to promote?
  • Would you like to promote your products or events through carefully-screened opt-in Email promotions?
  • Contact us for a free evaluation.